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Name: Dr.Afuecheta, E. O. Phone: 7630 Off. Loc: Email: emmanuel.afuecheta@kfupm.edu.sa


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[1] Afuecheta, E. and Nadarajah, S.(2021) A note on "A novel alpha power transformed exponential distribution with real-life applications" Submitted to the Journal of Applied Statistics. 2021 Submitted
[2] Afuecheta, E. and Omar, H. M. (2021) Characterization of variability and trends in daily precipitation and temperature extremes in the Horn of Africa. Submitted to Climate Risk Management. 2021 Submitted
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[8] Okorie, I. E., Afuecheta, E. and Alaebo, C. G. (2020) Social, Economic and Demographic Impacts on the Full Awareness of the Methods for the Control/Prevention of the Spread of COVID-19 in Africa: A Case Study of Social Media Users. Under Consideration with Quality and Quantity. 2020 Submitted
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