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Teaching Assignment and Office Hours

Name: Dr.Khaliq, A. M. Phone: 7641 Off. Loc: 5-420 Email: aqmkhaliq@kfupm.edu.sa


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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


Sno Publications Year Status
[1] A. M. Khaliq, X. Liang, and K. M. Furati, "A fourth-order implicit-explicit scheme for the space fractional nonlinear Schrodinger equations," Numerical Algorithms, vol. 75, pp. 147-172, May 2017. 2017 Published
[2] X. Liang, A. M. Khaliq, H. Bhatt, and K. M. Furati, "The locally extrapolated exponential splitting scheme for multi-dimensional nonlinear space-fractional Schrodinger equations," Numerical Algorithms, vol. 76, no. 4, pp. 939-958, Dec. 2017. 2017 Published


# Title PI/Coordinaor Members Sponsor Grant Ref # S-Date E-Date Month Status
1 Exponential Time Differencing Method for Pricing Option with Rationality Parameter Yousuf, M. A. M. Khaliq KFUPM Internal Research Mar 2019 Sep 2020 18 In Progress

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